Nightbot doesn't stay in Youtube Stream?

I tried adding Nightbot to my stream and it does join, as it is available for about 5 seconds. Any commands inputed after those 5 or so seconds. It started out working well, but it won’t stay any more… So thank you, and sorry

Little update- It just responded to a little command, it took a little while to respond. And upon trying to do a bigger command, it never came up.

Nightbot does not stay in inactive channels on YouTube. To be classified as active, your stream must be live. While you can force Nightbot to join an offline channel by parting and rejoining it, it will leave as soon as the chat becomes inactive if the stream is not live.

As for a “bigger” command not showing up, you may be trying to post a message larger than what YouTube will allow. Off the top of my head I do not remember the exact limit, but it is probably in the 200-250 character range. We allow up to 500 characters in the Nightbot response, which accounts for the Twitch maximum.

Yes. Thank you, I realized soon after. The command was too large for YouTube’s livestream. :slight_smile: looking forward to using Night more in the future. Thank you!

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