Nightbot doesn't show up in Youtube Chat

Nightbot hasn’t been showing up in YouTube Chat for about three Weeks or so. The only thing I have set for Nightbot is a timer every 30 minutes. About a month ago it worked just fine. I have checked for the obvious mistakes: Nightbot is a mod, he joined the channel, he can read the chat, there are enough messages for the timer to activate, spam filter is deactivated and he is not appearing in Top Chat or Live Chat. I have no idea what the problem is here. Help is really appreciated.

If it’s been missing for 3 weeks then most likely something is misconfigured. Make sure you click “Join Channel” on your dashboard at and that you’ve modded Nightbot in the chat. If logs show up at but you do not see responses in YouTube chat, it’s either not a moderator, it’s banned from chat, YouTube is filtering its responses, or you’re reading Top Chat not Live Chat.

Well, like I said … I already did all of those things. The last few days I clicked on “Part Channel” and then “Join Channel” again. I also reactivated Nightbot as a mod multiple times just to make sure. I was reading Live Chat, Nightbot is not banned and the spam filter is turned off. If one of those problems was the cause of all this, I would have already figured that out by reading through many other topics.

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So, here’s an update for the last few days.
I streamed almost daily and Nightbot was never showing up … except for the stream on January 5th where he appeared at 8 pm (or rather 8:02 pm for whatever reason) and at 10 pm. I set the timer interval to 30 minutes, but the timer only worked twice. I usually don’t like the idea of commands, but now I also use exactly one which lets Nightbot post the same message as with the timer. That one seems to work fine … if you ignore the fact that the cooldown doesn’t matter at all. I don’t even care about that, since I wouldn’t really need to use this command if the timer just worked. So, in short:

  • timer ist not (or very rarely) working.
  • a command (that sends the same message) does work, but the cooldown is broken.

Do you have any solution for that? Especially for the first problem?

So, apparently I won’t get another answer here. Do I really have to start a new topic for the same issue just because no one is answering? I still have the same problems as before. Commands are kind of working (except for the cooldown) but the timer is not. It’s really frustrating.

Cooldowns do not apply to moderators, which is why it appears like it doesn’t work for you (but it does for normal users)

I suspect this would be due to your timer configuration. Ensure you have it set to an appropriate line count for the amount of lines your chat receives in the 5 minutes prior to timer execution. For example, if your chat receives in general 5 lines per 5 minutes, you would want it to be set to around 5 lines. Otherwise the timer will not execute.