Nightbot doesnt respond

i have him in chat a try your steps to fix that and still he doesnt responding but yesterday he work fine idk why he stops working

I set up my nightbot yesterday and it worked fine, but today none of my commands worked. This also happened to my friend and i have tried everything to fix it.

I cant get nightbot to work at all ive done all the steps multiple times. Please help My twitch is DoctorDark3255

Pongo los comandos en el chat y no me responde,ni con comandos ni con nada no me responde a nada y a mi me aparece que esta en el chat, ya esta como moderador y tampoco esta ignorado
Mi id es juanjovarelaa

I’ve tried everything like signing back in and signing out I’ve tried checking if my commands are disabled I put nightbot as mod and my chat log isn’t responding to my messages (my Twitch is Exvirry) I need help.

I am having issues myself not working for me

Hello, I previously had nightbot working but cane to alter a command and tested in chat to see if it worked and none are now working. Parted channel and rejoined nightbot but still nothing. Please advise. My Twitch is Foxhoundkat.

Hello I’m trying to use nightbot again on my channel

Nightbot won’t accept any commands, not even !commands…

How come?

He is in chat, but commands won’t work…

He has mod, no timeout, no ban or anything.

I have tried to look into your forum to find an answer without luck

Twitch: FaLkEnSCS

Hey there,

I have been looking around trying to find a solution but I can’t seem to find it. I can’t seem to get my custom commands on Nightbot. I have tried every solution that I’ve read about (unmodding/remodding nightbot, unignoring nightbot, disconnecting and connecting nightbot again because I switched my twitch name, parting the channel and rejoining the channel from the nightbot dashboard, etc.). I even re-did my custom commands and still can not get it to work. Can somebody help me with this?

Lo he estado intentando toda la tarde que me funcionara y nada no hay manera
No tiene prohibicion de nada, ya esta puesto como moderador, tampoco esta ignorado, no me he cambiado el nombre asi que tampoco espor eso. Lo he intentado todo y no hay manera de que funcione
solo me funciono una vez y ya esta no volvio a funcionar ni con comandos ni con song requests ni con nada
Necesito que me ayudeis porfavor
MI canal se llama juanjovarelaa

If we try tu use, add or delete any command (in chat) nightbot won’t react.

im streaming rn and my nightbot isnt responding to !raiders !sens !uptime.

I started using Nightbot about a week ago and it worked perfectly. Today it stopped working completely.
It shows up in my twitch chat (in the “users” bar), but fails to do anything when prompted. I tried everything recommended from the forums.

  1. Unignored it
  2. I parted it, logged out from the nightbot site, then logged back in and waited it to join, still nothing.
  3. I even tried disableing my nightbot account, still nothing.
  4. Tried unmodding it, modding it, nothing.
  5. Downloaded the app but as expected that didnt help either.

Im using Moobot for the time being, which is working well, but I would like to get back to nightbot :slight_smile:

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I´m having the same problem, yesterday NB was working totally fine, now it does not work. It does not even show up in the “users” bar. I tried everthing but nothing worked

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Okay, as of now the bot is working again. I did nothing to make it work, it just works now for no apparent reason.

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same here, wtf .-. at least i can stream now

my nightbot is not ignored its a mod and everything is enabled.

I noticed today whilst setting up my stream deck that nightbot is no longer responding to commands.

I have not change my twitch name.
I have logged out and back in.
I have parted channel and rejoined.
I have unmodded and then modded nightbot.

Nothing is working.

I have read recent post about this topic and nothing has worked. Please help!

I have the same issue as well, I logged on today and nothing works, still trying to figure it out

yeah same it was working fine yesterday seems alot of people are having issues.