Nightbot doesn’t show links for me in other streams, I do commands like !vip

i try do !vip but no link shows up and people say its there but for me its not pepole say that nightbot blocked me but i dont no how to fix this can i get help


More information would be nice: what is the command supposed to do, what are you trying to achieve, which channel is it, etc?

Nightbot can’t ignore people, it’s not designed to, so you’re not ignored by Nightbot.

If you’re trying to add people as VIP, make sure that you have unlocked the ability to do so, and the command is /vip as it’s a Twitch command and not Nightbot’s.

Streamers unlock 10 VIP slots by completing the “Build a Community” achievement (50 followers and 5 unique chatters) in a stream.

hay when i type /vip for a roblox game link it dont show up on youtube it dont show for me but i do and keep on doing it and people say the link to game is there and i go to a diffrent accoutthen the link show but i go back into mine and dont work its very wired

Hey @Roblox_Gamer1

Oh, so it’s on YouTube (and for a totally different issue than what I thought: the command name was misleading), should have precised that at the start, haha, because my knowledge is very limited when it comes to Nightbot on YouTube.
So yeah, that seems really odd, but I’m not qualified to say if Nightbot can block people on YouTube, and so how to fix it if it does.

Sorry, maybe you’ll have better luck with someone else who knows more on the subject.
Good luck!

Nightbot doesn’t have the ability to block responses to specific users. You might need to ensure you’re looking at “All Chat” on YouTube, as otherwise YouTube may filter responses from Nightbot.

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