Nightbot does not work on Trovo

Chat bot does not send messages. I went through all the recommendation in the Troubleshooting section and nothing helped.

  • Nightbot is joined to your chat in the control panel - YES
  • Nightbot must be a moderator in your chat. - YES
  • Nightbot must not be banned in your chat. - YES

Does anyone else have a similar problem?

Timers not working on Trovo too.

Hey @dimmill!

It’s great you’ve looked at the troubleshooting guide, but I’m surprised you haven’t found this then, a quick search on the forum would have told you what’s up.

@Emily thanks for the feedback.
This problem is dated a year earlier. It is logical that I did not consider it relevant.
It turns out that the problem persists for more than a year?

Fair enough!

Yup, Trovo still hasn’t fixed the issue…

If I understand correctly, the Nightbot team manually updates authorization to Trovo API accesses every 30 days. After that the chatbot works again for the next 30 days, right?

Yes, precisely. Trovo should set up tokens that don’t expire (for trusted apps at least).

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@Emily , are you a representative of the Nightbot team?
I am communicating with the Trovo development team directly in a separate thread. They told me the following:

We have talked with the development team, and they confirmed that from Trovo’s development side there is no error, so they think it should be sth with the integration from the side of Nightbot?

We are developing an application that is verified and trusted by Trovo, also we use the Nightbot API. Let’s solve the problem together.

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I’m not, but I have a direct line of communication, so I can bring your topic to their attention at least.

Yes, that would be great. Do I have to do anything?

You don’t have to do anything, don’t worry. :wink: They’ll join the conversation if they feel the need to, but more importantly if they can/have the time.

I’ve got a message back from them, they corrected my previous statement:

The issue is that: Trovo’s refresh tokens don’t actually refresh.

I’d think that’s not something that would necessarily show up as an error if you don’t listen to it.

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