NightBot DNS Issue

I have intention of integrating Spotify into my stream, however whenever I open the nightbot beta app from my desktop it gives me a DNS error and will not connect.

Any help is appreciated and I will try whatever

, thanks

Check that your firewall is not blocking our app and that your system’s default internet settings are set properly (make sure Internet Explorer is able to access the internet).

Hi, thank you for the response @night ! As is happenes I have full internet acces with my Edge browser as well as countless other apps. Also I attempted to run the app with my firewall off as well as with both incoming and outgoing rules for the app. I also spoke with Microsoft support whos only possible help was that the app is incompatible with the current update of Windows which I do not believe to be true. As of now I am still receiving the error.

Still having the issue


There’s unfortunately not much we can really do to help in this instance. There’s definitely an issue locally with your computer, but apart from the troubleshooting step of checking firewall/antivirus there’s not much we can direct you to do. Maybe try another computer and see if the issue persists to confirm it’s local to your computer.