Nightbot, Discord, Ignore !commands?

Hey folks -

Is there any way to get it so that Nightbot ignores all of the !commands set up for a Twitch channel when it’s ALSO part of a Discord channel? I need Nightbot’s text filtering capabilities in Discord (to fend off racism, et al). But I really don’t want the Discord users able to trigger Night’s !commands.

Is there a switch somewhere that I can set to disable that just in Discord? If not, could it be considered for a future update? :slight_smile:


Hey jason,

you can remove the permissions to send messages in the role of nightbot in discord. Would that help?

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Heya granatenei -

Yeah, that would do that trick. It won’t allow Nightbot to “yell” at someone when it filters them, but I guess that’s OK, too.

Good idea. Thanks.

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