Nightbot Discord Bot Not updating Roles

Ive seen a couple of posts here but they still didnt answer my question.
Does Nightbot really Sync roles from Twitch to discord? Because it sure doesnt work for me. Yes my subs have their twitch linked to their Discord, yes Nightbot has every necessary roles/right to assign roles. Yes ive set the roles on the nightbot integration ui. Is it even supposed to do it anymore?

well, in my experience it automatically recognizes mod roles without any kinda setup at all… i also tried entering the roles in manually to do the setup anyway, and when i did, it stopped working, so i had to disconnect it and redo it without any setup and it worked fine again… but this was like 4 or 5 years ago… i haven’t tried the setup since, but i also have only ever wanted it to see the mod roles, and it does

Okay, since i finally got affiliate i realised i have the option of using the twitch discord integration for giving sub roles. But i still find it strange that the Nightbot ui has an option for sub roles which apparently doesnt work.

well, idk about any they might use, but it wouldn’t work with the twitch integrated ones as those r somehow exclusive to the twitch integration… it won’t even let the owner of the server control those roles

Nightbot syncs active chatters (users that type in chat) in your Discord server every 15 minutes. Those active users will need to have their Twitch account linked to their Discord account for Nightbot to sync the role to them. Additionally, Nightbot’s role must have permission to manage roles and must be higher than the role you’re trying to sync. Assuming the setup is correct, Nightbot will sync regulars and moderators. Note: Nightbot does not sync subscribers, as Discord has a built-in integration for that.

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