Nightbot desktop app doesn't play spotify playlist

I realize there are already multiple threads on this topic but I have already tried everything possible to fix this. I uninstalled and reinstalled both nightbot and spotify. I opened spotify before nightbot and waited a full 30 seconds to open nightbot. I added spotfy as a provider and set it as the search provider. I even disabled windows defender security. I added a spotify playlist to the playlist and when I click play in autoDJ the song doesn’t play at it stays at 00:00. If i try and skip forward in the song then it says seeking not possible with spotify. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I am having the same problem since two nights ago. Any update on this issue? Thank you guys!

I have the exact same issue and error message. Please msg me if you guys find an answer. THANKS!

I´m in here multiple times a day checking if you have come up with a solution for this, Please NightDev :wink:

I’m starting to think it’s more of a Spotify thing than a Nightbot thing. Other services such as Snip and Snaz that used to support it no longer work…

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You are proably right, snip just released a new version to deal with the issue. Now we just have to wait for Nightbot to follow :wink:

Spotify removed an undocumented RPC API we were using for playback control. Unfortunately due to licensing restrictions on their new official API we’re unable to provide this feature going forward.

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