Nightbot deleting comments instead of timing out

During the middle of a stream, nightbot started “deleting” messages rather than doing timeouts. I dislike the message deletion feature on Twitch because they aren’t logged in a user’s chat history, and I would much rather just have nightbot continue to timeout. Nothing has changed in terms of the blacklist settings. Anyone know what would cause this and if I can change it back?

Hey @Katey!

This must be one of the things that changed in the update, according to the dev the changes are to deal with new guidelines and API changes Twitch is forcing bots to follow.

Also, a lot of people were annoyed that the bot was timing out instead of deleting the messages.

It’s concerning the deleted messages aren’t logged in a user’s chat history, but that shouldn’t be something Nightbot has to work around, it’s an issue on Twitch’s side, they should fix it, it’s not third party app devs’ job to fix shortcomings of the parent app.

Edit: deleted messages still appear in the logs, I don’t know what you’re on about:

Thanks for the reply Emily! I sort of misspoke. What I meant by them not being “logged” in a user’s chat history is that there’s nothing showing that a message of theirs had to be deleted. When you time someone out, that’s logged in the timeouts section. Deleted messages aren’t shown anywhere, so while the message exists, there’s nothing that notes nightbot deleted it, which makes it a LOT harder for moderators to track users who are recurring troublemakers on very large channels.

Very unfortunate that it’s a forced part of the update, but I understand its not on Nightbot, and do agree that it’s something Twitch SHOULD fix. (I just really liked nightbot doing timeouts.)

We swapped to deleting messages for spam protection warnings, since a frequent request was that Nightbot not delete a user’s entire message history when they accidentally trigger a spam filter.

If a user is a repeat offender, Nightbot does still timeout a user for their full timeout duration that is configured in the control panel.

As the user was not been timed out, it does not really make sense for them to be listed under timeouts. It does feel odd that Twitch does not list deleted messages in their moderation UI, however.

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Gotcha, I totally understand. Thanks so much for the reply!

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