NightBot Dashboard Login stuck on LOOP

Hello everyone,
I’ve been a Twitch streamer and Nightbot user for a bit over the past year. I never had any problems using the Nightbot or any of its functions before. Unfortunately, this morning when trying to log in to do a giveaway, I realized that I couldn’t connect to Nightbot. The bot is in chat, replying to commands but I have loss all access to Dashboard. Nothing changed in my PC or my Twitch settings, I’ve asked a few friends to test their Dashboard to make sure it wasn’t a Server problem. It seems to work fine for them.

I am using Brave Browser [Chrome] I’ve tried connecting from a different computer but it won’t work either. What should I do to resolve this problem? Following instructions lead me to posting here in my quest for answers.
Sincerely yours.

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Hey @stayzn!

Sorry about that.

When you tried connecting from a different computer, was it a different browser as well, or were you still using Brave?

See, I use Brave too, and while I can’t reproduce your issue, sometimes Brave breaks websites. If by using a different browser (not necessarily a different computer) you can still access the website, then the issue is with Brave. And even if your friends use Brave, they might have an older version of the browser, so it won’t be broken for them.

If the website is broken, because you found that you can access it properly from a different browser, you can report a broken website by clicking on the “lion shield” icon at the end of the URL address bar, you have to put the shields down first, it’ll refresh, and regardless of if it fixes the issue or not, click on the report button.

Hope that helps!


I can confirm that the issue is at least partially with Brave because I was able to Log-In using Microsft Edge but not with Brave.


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