Nightbot counter function for gaming channel

I need help with the nightbot counter function which i recently discovered a streamer using it. I want to add a counter if someone says ns which basically means nice .shot. So if he says ns, there is a message displayed by nightbot that says, “the streamer has hit 89(this is a variable number which changes everytime someone types ns in my chat) nice shots”. Someone please help me out with the code that i should use in my nightbot commands. Thanks

here u go…

!addcom ns $(channel) has hit $(count) nice shots!

tho, i can’t remember if that shows the name in lowercase… if it does, this will get the display name…

!addcom ns $(twitch $(channel) "{{displayName}}") has hit $(count) nice shots!

oh, and if a command called ns already exists, use “!editcom” instead of “!addcom”

wait, do i have to use it in my nightbot command or type it in my youtube chat? I saw a youtube video and he typed this in his chat.

everything before the first $ is just for typing it in the chat… if u’re putting it in from the dashboard u just need from the first $ to the end

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!addcom ns $(twitch $(channel) "{{displayName}}) has hit $(eval var x = Math.ceil(Math.random()*100);if (x >= 90) {${x}% nice shots ;}else if(x >= 70){${x}%,*I'd say between 70 and 89* ;}else if (x >= 60) {${x}% *I'd say between 60 and 69*;}else if (x >= 10) {${x}% *I'd say between 10 and 59*;}else {${x}% *I'd say under 10*;})

Change the italicized text to what you want to say in that range