Nightbot count command

Hi i am a moderator of a twitch streamer i would like to know how to create count command so that whenever the viewers enter that command the count increases.

for example i need a !whiff command. whenever the viewers type it it should say
"streamer has whiffed ā€˜xā€™ times.

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Heya @Ken_fps! :hugs:

You can use $(count) for that.

!addcom !whiff -cd=5 Streamer has whiffed $(count) times!

I hope I helped. :smile:

will it work if i just copy paste this in the chat ??
appreciate the help :slight_smile:

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@Ken_fps Yes although you can also use the dashboard to add commands. Whatever suits you. Iā€™m glad I could help. :heart_eyes:

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