Nightbot !commands not working

When I use nightbot in my twitch chat the commands work but I can’t add or edit commands from chat and !commands does not work

I went onto your channel and did !commands, you seem to be using “!commands” as a command for streamelements which might be the issue, not sure though.

It used to work even with stream elements

what happens when you try to add or edit commands with nightbot?

I’ve experimented a bit with stream elements, I can’t figure out why Nightbot wouldn’t respond to !commands for you, it works fine for me. As for editing and adding commands, for Nightbot, you can use !editcom and !addcom to edit commands, for stream elements, use !command edit and !command add.

When I try to add or edit commands with night it it doesn’t respond but all the custom and default commands work

Hey @hazzoyt!

Make sure !commands is enabled in the Default Commands Panel.

Thank you that worked!

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