Nightbot commands don’t work for me

So I tried to type commands in a streamer’s chat and I can’t see Nightbot while other viewers can. Why?

It’s possible you have nightbot ignored type /un ignore nightbot and see if that works btw how do you know it’s nightbot if you can’t see it?

Because other chat members told me that nightbot was responding to me but I couldn’t see it

Also didnt do anything.

Did you try to type precisely /unignore nightbot, I noticed @potatoeaterlove mistakenly added a space.

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I’ll try to do that. But I have to do it later since the stream won’t be starting soon.

Gonna have to reply for nothing so the chat don’t end

It closes after 14 days of inactivity, you’ve got time.

Does it mean the problem isn’t solved, or you didn’t have time to try to unignore the bot?

I also realize we assumed you were experiencing the issue on Twitch, if it were on YouTube, make sure you’re in the Live Chat, and not the Top Chat.

Hola, tengo un problema con Nightbot. No me deja editar, borrar y agregar comandos a mi siendo el dueño del canal en el chat, ni a mis moderadores pero cuando entro en la página de nightbot si me deja. Que se puede hacer?

El tema es que nightbot si responde a mis comandos, a lo que no responde es cuando quiero borrar, editar o agregar otro comando desde el chat.

Hey @facundo0k!

Make sure !commands is enabled.
Also, the forums is in English only.

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