Nightbot command with excess emotes bugging out

I mod for channel Lyric and our !gg command has bugged out. The command !gg would normally return a 5line message with just the ‘lyricsanGG’ emote but since yesterday it only returns 1 emote.

Now thats using default twitch chat, on Chatterino it shows one emote and then the rest is lyricsanGGlyricsanGGlyricsanGG etc etc just text with no spaces. So i dont know whats going on here
(i would post a pic to clarify but it doesnt allow new users to post images)

Ive also tried adding the command directly from nightbot tv as an editor but im still having the problem.
Any fixes? or something im doing wrong?

Hey @biggusv!

This was an issue that has been fixed since, so I’m not sure why you still experience the issue.
Would you mind posting the code of the command?

Hi emily,

The command we added is literally just the emote text, copy and pasted numeral times. So the command !gg should return ’ lyricsanGG lyricsanGG lyricsanGG lyricsanGG lyricsanGG ’ (etc, etc).
We found out that the command bugs out after 4 emotes. Anything less than four it works as intended, and after 4 emotes the command bugs out and only returns one ‘lyricsanGG’.

We did however manage a work-around the issue by adding a symbol at the start of the message and another at the end. example: !gg returns ~ lyricsanGG lyricsanGG lyricsanGG (etc, etc,) ~
That seems to have worked… for some reason

And another strange thing is that this bug is only with the lyricsanGG emote, i’ve tested five other channel emotes and they seems to work fine. A head scratcher.

I think we need the source code of the command, not the output of the command, in order to help you debug it

Sorry, how do I get the source code for this command? New to this.
All I see is the command name !ggs and the command message in the commands dashboard on nightbot tv

Yes, we need the command message part.

I understand it’s only the following, can you confirm?

 lyricsanGG lyricsanGG lyricsanGG lyricsanGG lyricsanGG

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