Nightbot command reading dynamically

I’m attempting to use placeholders like I would in C# to create a Nightbot command that reads my match record dynamically based on two commands. When the command !win is being called or !loss I want my !record to show however many !win and !loss’s there are. My !win and !loss is being changed upon with $(count) and those both work but whenever I try to call !record it gives me invalid arguments for the placeholders. Any workaround?
!record is wrote out like this;

{win} - {loss} is the record for today PogChamp

While I’m not saying it’s impossible, it is certainly challenging due to how you cannot have a shared variable through two different commands. I’ve made another post about how you can save a time and update it in the future which may prove helpful, How to create a countdown but not with specified timezone nor date

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