Nightbot command options

Any chance nightbot can do a randomized command? Looking to set up a command in an overwatch heavy stream.

Command would work as follows:

Nightbot: @random user Get over here!

Or something to that tune

Thanks guys!

Default nightbot variables don’t have any random things to do what you need.

However using rtainc’s customapi you can make a command that pulls a random user from chat.

In this case the command you want could be done like so (just copy and paste the commands):

!commands add !hook -ul=mod $(urlfetch$(channel)/viewers/random?format=[0]+get+over+here!)

If you don’t want it to be mod only you can modify -ul=mod, you don’t need to touch anything else unless you want to change the format after ?format=

Thank you! I will give this a try!

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