NightBot Command for Apex Legends

I was curious on how to make a command in twitch that received my rank, name, and elo for Apex Legends saying I found one for Valorant.

I got a reply saying to use this

$(eval d=$(urlfetch[|]/g,``).split(|); o=d.filter(e=>e.includes(Rank)); u=d[0].split(:).shift(); $(user) — ${u}: ${o[0]})

but when I put this in the nightbot command and put my username in it responds with this in my twitch chat “ldittoe : undefined” and when you search the url with my username it says “No player and/or platform provided”

Hey @ldittoe!

There likely is an error somewhere in your code. Try this:

$(eval d = `$(urlfetch`.replace('[', '| ').replace(']', '').split('|'); `$(user) — ${d[0].replace(':', `'s`} ${d.filter(e => e.includes('Rank'))[0]}`;)

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