Nightbot can't use YouTube DEFAULT emotes

Hi! I have recently added Nightbot to my chat and it’s the BEST I absolutely love it and so does my community. Thank you devs!

So I looked through cool things to make Nightbot do and one of them was making it use emotes. All these tutorials were understandably for Twitch but since, just like Twitch, YouTube uses text-code based emotes, I thought it would still work. It does not. On Twitch if you write Kappa on the Nightbot it will get replaced by the emote in the chat but on YouTube if you do the same, it comes back in text.

In case this might help to figure out why it doesn’t work, all the text-codes have “:” before and after.


:yougotthis: which corresponds to this emote:

:virtualhug: which corresponds to this emote:

:popcorn-yellow-striped-smile: which corresponds to this emote:

So yeah instead of the text-code getting replaced by the corresponding emote image it stays in the text-code form.

Could this be a YouTube issue or maybe it’s fixable through the Nightbot?

Thank you for your time,

Still haven’t found a fix but will post if I ever do~ Any help would be appreciated too :heartpulse:

Tried a few things but still no luck

Yeah I have been having this problem too it would be great if they helped us.

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Unfortunately at the moment YouTube’s chat API doesn’t permit us to send YouTube custom emoji. However, you should be able to send normal emoji as well as BetterTTV emotes. To send normal emoji, you should send through the unicode sequence that represents the emoji. For BetterTTV emotes, you can send the emote’s code.

We have asked in the past for these custom emojis to be added to the API, but it’s not clear when or if they will ever be added.

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I see… Thank you so much for the answer though! I hope YouTube will change their API soon since the emotes are pretty cool :3 Anyways thank you very much for taking the time to explain and thank you for making this amazing bot! You’re awesome!