Nightbot Blank Screen while trying to login with youtube

I installed the Nightbot app, launched it up, and it gave me the normal options
Login with Twitch
Login with Youtube
Login with Mixer

I don’t use Twitch or mixer, and this is not my first time installing Nightbot, i installed it again because it deleted itself for some odd reason, so i click Login with Youtube, and my Nightbot screen goes blank, any help?

I also tested with Twitch and Mixer, even though i have no account for it, but it lets me login there.

I tried reinstalling, restarting my pc and then reinstalling, deleting Nightbot folders, reinstalling again, still didn’t work.

This is a bug in our app. We hope to have a fix out for it soon.

Okay, thank you for mentioning that, i thought i was the only one.

But now my problem is fixed, its not doing it anymore, i may now login with youtube.

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