Nightbot beta- All the spamprotections dont work at my channel

Hi everyone,
im using the beta of nightbot right now.I also have the the normal “older” version.So i departed the old one from my channel so i can use the new one.
The Problem is people still can post links,write in caps etc.
I also departed the new one and brought it back in.Still no changes.Even a “unmod” of nightbot and a remod wont work.
I dont blame someone or trying to flame here.It could also be me since im extremly stupid from time to time.

Any suggestions for what i could do to fix this problem?
And thanks alot for the new beta and ALL THE WORK you put in this.
(btw im sorry for my english i hope everyone can understand what my problem is)

Check your spam protection settings at

Make sure each is enabled. Make sure the exempt userlevel for each is set to paid subscriber or higher.

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Did what you told me.
I departed the old version again,removed nightbot.Then i only went in with the beta (which is the only one of both showing up in my twitchprofil under the section where the apps i aplied are shown).
I set up the settings to “moderator” and higher.Still when a viewer posts a link there is no action from nightbot.The old version is also always telling me when it joins.
The new one doesnt.
We tested also the commands.They are working totally fine like “!battlenet” for example.
Just the protection-section wont activate when a blacklisted word or links are posted.
Sorry to bother you with it.

It seems like the bot filtering is functioning fine in your channel, so I’m not particularly sure what you mean. Bots cannot purge mods, so if you tested with your own account that may be why it didn’t appear to work.

What i mean is:
If a normal viewer posts a link he/she wont get timed out/the link wont get deleted with a message to it.
The normal version did this in the past for me.
I tried several methods:

  • Get the old removed (from the Twitchapp-section AND from my channel)
    -Had only the new Beta in my channel (in the Twitchapp-section AND in my channel)
    -Tried to remove the new one and put it back in
    -Changed what you told me with the exempt userlevel
    -Turned the Protection down and up again

So far everytime i did something and a viewer tested it for me it still wont work.
Thats why im wondering what im doing wrong.
Like i said it could be me beeing just stupid af ^^

So the issue was in the link whitelisting system. The issue is now fixed. Thanks.

Ah so now messages get timed out and deleted like before?Thats awesome and thanks alot for coming in :slight_smile: i really appreciate your work