Nightbot battle in chat


I have been looking on the forum, but couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for.
In Twitch chat, I want someone to start a battle with !battle. Nightbot will tell a battle has started and other people can join.
I want other users to join the battle by also typing !battle in chat. Nightbot will tell the user has joined the battle and will tell how many users joined the battle.
After 5 minutes, the result of the battle will be presented by Nightbot.
One winner will randomly be decided by Nightbot. After that a new battle can be started.

  • If no one joined the battle, the battle will be cancelled.

I want Nightbot to keep track of how many wins every user has. The amount of wins can be looked up by two commands.
(1) !winstotal a leaderboard with the top 5 users with the most wins
(2) !wins the amount of wins the user has

Is it possible to set this up? It is different than other topics, because it has a 5 minute timer. If that’s not possible, maybe a !start command can work too. Then Nightbot should remind the user who initiated the battle to use !start. But if the user who initiated the battle doesn’t start the battle, the battle should be cancelled.

Hiya, this is very specific and not really possible with simple Nightbot commands, you will probably need to build an external script that communicates with Nightbot using: UrlFetch - Nightbot Docs

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