Nightbot AutoDJ on ps4

Hi friends! I have few questions. My friend streams daily on twitch but when hes not talking theres awkward silence so we decided to add AutoDJ on nightbot but it seem to not work for us. First of all the command for song requests doesnt work and second: when we play the music from the nightbot site we cant even hear it. Thanks in advance

Hey @klasekcz!

First make sure the Auto DJ and the !songs commands are enabled.

Then to hear the songs in the stream, he has to have the Auto DJ tab opened.

Same but only for the second problem, I made sure both are enabled and the tab was open, however no music was playing. BTW I’m streaming from PS4 if it’s linked to that, what do I do ?

AutoDJ must be played on whatever you use to stream so that streaming software can pick up the music. It’s for this reason that AutoDJ is primarily used by PC streamers.

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