Nightbot AutoDJ keeps repeating songs twice

As the title says, autodj keeps repeating every song twice. Sometime it will just pause at the end of a song too. I try rebooting the nightbot beta app, reinstalling it, and running nightbot autodj in my browser. Still it keeps repeating songs. How do I fix this?

If you are using Spotify, disable repeating and crossfading within the Spotify app.

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I do not use spotify. My playlist is composed entirely of youtube and soundcloud links, though mostly youtube 99%. The song repeat seems to happen more often, once users stop requesting songs and auto-dj is pulling songs from the playlist.

Any other recommendations?

Iā€™m not able to reproduce any issues with songs repeating, and nobody else has reported such issues. Does this issue happen in-browser too? If so, what browser? Chrome? Firefox? Is it only a certain song/video that causes it? Is it reproducible? If so, can you provide any reproduction steps?

I use firefox when i do browser auto-dj. I will try to recreate the issue and do an OBS capture of what it appears on my broadcaster viewpoint.

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