Nightbot AutoDJ and YouTube music

Hi, I’m a new streamer and I want to play music with AutoDJ on my stream but… Is it all OK about using whatever I want? Can someone help me about what kind of music can my viewers requests to Nightbot? I’m a bit lost with that and I’m affraid to lost my account for something like this u.u

Have a read through this:

It outlines what is allowed and what’s not allowed. Ultimately it’s not up to Twitch (or youtube) but rather the copyright holder as it is the copyright owner’s individual policies/methods/procedures etc for if they claim, what they claim, and how aggressive they are about it.

Changing your playlist to “monstercat” or “twitch music library” is a safe ( and quick ) way to get copyright-free songs.

If you have a small channel you are not exempt from copyright rules but you are unlikely to get a claim because a big company is less likely to notice you so it’s more likely that if anything was to happen twitch would just automatically mute parts of your vod (to protect you) No big deal.

EDIT: I just noticed your using youtube music. I’m not familiar with how strict youtube music is but I would assume that it’s similar.


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