Nightbot Auto DJ Repeating issues

This problem isn’t technical in a way where Auto DJ stops working but, it’s frustrating since Auto DJ well queue and play the same songs back to back and/or the same songs in a single session, here’s an example:

As you can see there are multiple songs which will be played back to back, also if you look for the song “QUIX - Riot Call (feat. Nevve)” it isn’t played back to back but it’s playing almost back to back.
This behavior can be seen with any song and the the gap in which the repeated song can play is random I think, thanks for any help!

P.S. Usually nightbot will just load the playlist with 1 of each song in a random order, until you refresh the page/start a new session, this would randomise the list again and put all songs back on the list!

I cannot reproduce this. Are you mutating the playlist by adding or removing songs while listening?

I think a few times I have opened the playlist and removed songs while listening to the playlist in a different tab, if this is the problem, do I just need to re-import the playlist from YouTube?

Thanks in advance

This should already be fixed. Please check and see if it is for you.

Hi, I streamed and I didn’t notice any song repeats, seems to be fixed! Thanks for the help!