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There’s any analytics for nightbot besides the one in the dashboard page?

I mean, I wanted to do a data survey based on how much a command was called during lives to make a chart and see wich one was most called (I work for a programming website) and see what would be the next course we would be offering at the platform.
The matter is that the dashboard for nightbot only show commands as general, doesn’t have a graph based on each command, like: !csharp, !javascript, etc…
Looking for the API it only responds me that a Unknown error Ocurred while i was trying to consume it.

If anyone has any idea how can a get analytics for each command please let me know…
Ps.: I can look for logs and count each one at the end of the live, but imagine doing it for 53 commands everyweek since i could have a chart made by the application or data retrieved to the API.

You could include a urlfetch in each command that just send a message to an api and stores it every time the command is called and look at that at the end of the stream I suggest looking into this one [CustomAPI] Quote system


While we store temporary data on usage for about a week, we don’t keep long term stats around as it’s quite expensive to do so at our scale. This may be something we explore down the road if there’s interest in it as a paid feature (to offset the cost to operate it). As stated in the above reply, you’d really have to track usage on your own currently.


Thanks a lot, a think thats what I gonna do for now

Thanks, Yeah I Know, as a developer I have some idea on how much it costs, but I think some or many users of nightbot would appreciate paying for it. Maybe in the future…

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