Nightbot ain't responding to my commands in chat

Night not isn’t responding to my commands in my chat my twitch name is Fatal_Excalibur can u help me overcome this

Did you change your name recently? I would try logging out and back in the Nightbot dashboard.

I logged out and logged back in but doesn’t seem to work

Ok, I was asking this because there didn’t seem to be a commands page for your channel, which there is now, progress:

However I don’t see Nightbot in your viewer list, check if the “Join channel” button is available on your dashboard. Otherwise, click “Part channel” first, then join again.

To doublecheck, make sure that Nightbot isn’t banned or ignored.
/unban nightbot
/unignore nightbot

It’s because I removed him

Imma about to do it on my laptop now thankyou for your help

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