Nightbot 2nd command calling


I have nightbot set up on my channel, I have searched online for an answer to this but am struggling,

how can I set it up, so if a chatter uses one of my commands, !bird for example, it posts the text for this command but on the back of that it posts another command called !bird2. so it shows both, I used alias thinking it would work, but it just calls the !bird2 command when using !bird.

Can it even be done?

Aliases are to be used if you want a command to pass some input to another command. You can’t have two commands with their own responses where one command triggers another.

That said, you can use a custom API I made for sending multiple messages in a single command.


How would I use the API you mentioned to test it out?

I outlined how to use it right here:



Sorry i’m not that well up on how night it works fully, does this go in the alias box of the !bird command

Well thought I had sorted it, but theirs a limit on characters to use to I cant get both lots of text into the first message’second message part,

first msg is 154 characters
second mgs is 120 characters


Thanks, spot on works a treat

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