Night is Scrooge #Kappa

Basically, how come there are no emotes or anything for Christmas on BTTV?

Our company site is updated for the holidays:

If you think emotes are needed for the holidays, make some and suggest them.

Add a santa hat to any emote by prefixing it with a SantaHat:

SantaHat Kappa

FrankerFaceZ is already doing that though. Is it possible to put a Santa hat on the first letter of a username?

Why would you create a giant Santa hat emote? >_>

Guess I can’t please everyone ¯\(ツ)

Hello night,
i tried the SantaHat Kappa and it doesn’t show up.
I’ve tried it with all other emotes and it doesn’t work for me.
I have others that are having the same problem,
can you help me fix this?

EDIT: nvm clearing cache worked :smiley: