Night bot Responding with commands list

so im trying to make a death count wich ive done in 2 outher channels fine but for some reason in this channel when i go to edit the command " !deaths " wich is a command that shall just be edited when “!deathadd” is called it dosnet edit it with either the alias !commands or !editcom and just reply with the command list as if my input was “!commands” when i input “!deathsadd”
additianly when i call deathsadd wich has the count of deaths it does incriment each time i call it i just dont get the exspected response.

Thank you for any help in advance !

Hiya, what did you set as ‘message’ at the !deathadd command? The alias field should contain !commands and the message field should be something like: edit !deaths ....

yeah i had it like that but it would still reply with the commands list then i tryed it with the alias editcom and withouth the “edit” in the message so theres no “!command” anywhere and it still replys with the same thing

Make sure to use !commands instead of !command, the other fields look fine.

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hmmm, i tried it agian with “!commands” in alias and it still replys with commands list :pensive:
idk if theres ways you can choose how bot acts because it seemily dosnt read past the alias .

an thank you for your help!

Let’s try it out with some fresh commands, can you delete the old !death, !deathadd commands, so no aliases exist anymore.

Then you can just copy paste:
!commands add !deaths x
!commands add !deathadd -a=!commands edit !deaths myth has died $(count) times

Then try to run !deathadd

even when i paste that in chat it just responds with the commands list and it dosnt show the command added in the nightbot web editor, ive tryed just disableing the “!commands” command then i just get no reply. though it handels just text fine like !discord command still works

Hey @Wojteck!

You could use aliases of these commands, that should fix the issue, so:
!commands add!addcom
!commands edit!editcom
!commands delete!delcom

I tried that now and it relises the count is going up when i call deathadd in chat but the bot still responds with the commands list instead of saying it “eddited the command deaths successfully” and when i call deaths it still hasnt been edited ,just showing the place holder.
But Thank you for your help, its greatly appreciated.

You might not have updated the commands as I suggested, so I’m just gonna copy/paste them here, it’s not possible for these to give you the commands list:

!addcom !deaths x
!addcom !deathadd -ul=mod -a=!editcom !deaths myth has died $(count) times

Also, if it answers with the commands list every time, you might have a custom command called !commands, so maybe consider deleting it?

Yeah ive tryed that before but just for the sake of it a tryed it again

when i try disabling the “!commands” command it just gives no reply , the commands dont show up on the web editor either , im starting to loose hope on this an may just ask the owner to reinstall it.
edit: i should specify i am listed as an editor for night bot , would i need to be a mod in chat as well?

If you’re a Nightbot manager then why not add the commands through the dashboard directly?
It’s indeed possible it gives you that answer because you’re not a moderator.
“Reinstalling” Nightbot completely won’t change anything.

ive been adding them through dash board once i saw that through text dosnt work but when i call the command in chat it still gives the same result, an ive done it using the aliase !editcom and i still get the same message :pensive:

Did you set them up properly?

I guess the lower userlevel you want here is VIP instead of mod, but this might still be giving the same error as before as !addcom, !editcom, and !delcom will give you the list of commands as long as you’re not a moderator.

Hi, yeah ive tryed it, thanks for you imput but i think all hope is lost :disappointed_relieved:

I’m not surprised, as I said before, since in !deathadd we use !editcom, only a moderator can call the command without getting the commands list, so ask the streamer to make you a moderator instead and the problem is fixed.

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