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Night Bot not shwoing in live chat

Night bot not showing in live chat in you tube,

timers have been setup, but it does not send any message ,

Facing the same issue, we’re live at /flopereira and it stopped working about 10 minutes ago. I see Nightbot in my mods panel, I tried the unignore. The Discord integration is also not working.

Logs stop when it stopped working (13:28 pm CET)

Update (13:43 CET) – it started working again.

Update (13:55 CET) – it stopped working again.

Update (14:31 CET) – working again, I hope this time is for more than 10 minutes.

Update (14:49 CET) – it is now on and off every few commands.

Update (19:00 CET) – it’s much better now.

I use my nightbot a lot in my discord server for commands, but it’s not working. I also tried testing it out in my twitch chat and it’s also not working. I’ve parted the bot, /unmod, etc. but nothing is happening. (4:52 am PST).

UPDATE (5:44am PST): bot now works in both discord and twitch

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