Night bot isnt letting people talk in chat

Night bot is not letting some of my viewers talk in chat and I dont know why


You’ll need to be a little bit more specific… Why do you think it’s Nightbot preventing viewers to talk? Do you have screenshots? Any other bit of info that you think might help us diagnose the issue? We can’t help while blindfolded.

Night bot Is not letting people chat on my Youtube (99% sure) essentially I will enable nightbot and everything will work fine except I cannot see my viewers comments. Many of the viewers have notified me about this issue on discord and ect but I cant figure out how to fix it.
I am even okay with resetting nightbot in a whole but I cannot figure that out either because it keeps the same settings.
I am 99% sure this is nightbot because I have disabled it and enabled it a few times and my viewers say they can talk then cannot talk.
I have no clue what the perspective of the viewer looks like during this but I assume the text just looks grey instead of black or something along the lines.

:thinking: that doesn’t help me much… I don’t see a way you could configure Nightbot that would essentially block all messages. What are your Spam Protection settings?

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