Night Bot Fetching Link Issues

One of my commands for Nightbot is socials on YouTube. Which is supposed to fetch URLs of social media links. However, it never works. Does anyone know why?
I also have Nightbot Interval function set up to post social media links, however it never works.
Why can’t the NightBot fetch URLs? Does anyone know why?

With NightBot repetition function, if someone types
as spam, shouldn’t it automute them if Nightbot repetition filter has been set to 35? Because mine is not muting them.

Nightbot doesn’t “fetch” social links, so what you’ve stated makes no sense in the context of Nightbot. If you mean that timers are not posting in chat, ensure you’ve properly configured the minimum line count to a reasonable amount for the amount of chat activity your stream gets.

With respect to repetition timeouts, that only takes place within a single message. For example, a user typing “test test test test” may trigger, but a user typing “test” in 4 messages would not.

“Fetch” as in if I have !socials which should “fetch” youtube dot com c/Nightbotapp/videos this link(your forum doesn’t allow adding links), is what I mean, but it does not. That’s the issue for me. Does that make more sense when I mean “fetch”? maybe it’s on YouTube’s end that it’s not “fetching” the links. Either way, it’s not working. I ensure you that I set up the minimum line count and interval.

Right, that makes more sense. Thanks

If your timers are not executing and your minimum line count is at the defaults, then if you use YouTube for live streaming you may need to disable YouTube’s default chat filtering as it is likely blocking Nightbot’s messages.

I have a similar issue, I made a command which is a link when I type the command in chat it shows me the link with no option to just click it.
please any help will be appreciated.

This is not a similar issue, please create a new topic. If links are not clickable, that’s a Twitch bug, not Nightbot. Twitch doesn’t support all domain extensions for links.

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