Nighbot está teniendo problemas / Nighbot is having trouble

Nighbot no me deja permitirme agregar comandos directamente del chat, también cuando intento introducir un comando me da error, ¿Alguna forma de solucionarlo?


Nighbot does not allow me to add commands directly from the chat, also when I try to enter a command it gives me an error, Any way to fix it?

Agrego que ya intentamos agregarlo y sacarlo nuevamente / I add that we already tried to add it and take it out again

Is there an error message you receive? If so, what does it state?

Error connecting to the server, but mainly it does not allow using !Addcom !Editcom, much less !delcom.

Hey @stevenytuber5!

Make sure !commands is enabled.
If it is, then the owner of the channel should try logging out of the dashboard, clearing their cookies and cache, and log back in.

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