Nighbot AutoDJ not working properly

Hello. I’m a mod coordinator for a streamer and I was given access to his Nighbot is order to handle stuff like commands and AutoDJ while he streams. We’ve recently started using the AutoDJ feature but it doesn’t seem to be working properly. It repeats songs at random and when doing so skips and/or deletes the next song in the queue. This happens when there are more than 5 songs in the queue, which is basically all the time. Also, when AutoDJ repeats the song, using the !currentsong command doesn’t display the correct song title but the next song in queue which should be playing but is not. Please, help me! How do I fix this as it’s getting quite irritating for the streamer and the viewers in chat.

Unfortunately I cannot reproduce any issues like that. Can you specify examples of what songs being played repeat? Does the streamer have “repeat” enabled on whatever player he is using? The AutoDJ system doesn’t ever repeat songs, so it’s likely a local issue, not one on our end.

It happens on the channel I manage too but it’s very irregular, so I can’t really specify the circumstances. The repeated songs are random, so it’s not saying much. I didn’t pay attention to how many songs were in the queue, I may look at that next time it happens.

The repeating and skipping happens with different songs at random times. The streamer is live right now and it’s happening as we speak. What do you mean the issue might be local? We are in different countries me and him - can that be the reason? Please advice me on what we can do if the problem is on our end.

If you both have AutoDJ open at the same time, that is the cause of your issues. Two people cannot use the system at the same time. It was designed for a single user.

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Oh, ok. We’re not going to have it open simultaneously. Can it be open just on my end while he streams or does it have to be on his end only?

For the stream to hear it must be open on his end. Editors/mods can manage the song queue from the public songs list page as well as in chat.

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Thank you so much! It’s already working! I closed the AutoDJ on my end and every command is working perfectly and there’s no skip/repeat. Thank you! :grin:

Do you mean the /song_requests? Because on that page I don’t have any actions available as editor. I can only delete songs from streamer’s own playlist (in Song Request Playlist tab) but not the requested ones.

The public songs list is the link given by Nightbot in chat when you type “!songs list”

Yeah, when I follow that link, the “Actions” column is blank, despite the fact that I’m both mod and bot editor.

Apologies, that was a feature not yet pushed out. Editors can now remove from that page. Moderators currently are unable to since we don’t yet have a reliable way to check mod status.

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