New Twitch layout not working on Chrome?

Hey everyone,

anyone else having problems while using BTTV on Chrome that the new Twitch layout not shows? I tried it on Firefox and it works just fine there.
Hope someone has a fix to get the new Layout on Twitch loaded :slight_smile:

Greetings Turoxxer

The layout appears to be working fine on chrome. You might need to clear your cache.

tried clearning cache sadly didnt work :frowning: but was well worth a try. thanks for the reply

Can you elaborate on what “not working” implies? That’s incredibly vague and doesn’t give insight into the problem(s) you are facing.

The new Twitch site layout doesnt show up for me they launched 3 days ago. It seems tho that its not a BTTV problem since i disabled all 3rd party twitch addons earlier and the new layout still doesnt show up on Google Chrome.

Sorry i’m not the best with the english language.

Regards Turoxxer

Ah, well then your best bet is reaching out to Twitch support then, sorry.

Yes i already did that. Thank you for replying :slight_smile:

Short version:
Delete your cookie.

Long version:
Looks like this issue wasn’t Chrome specific. I was having issues with Safari as well. However, I noticed that when running a private (incognito) window, the new layout came up immediately, but still wouldn’t in a regular window. This prompted me to try deleting the cookie stored for the Twitch website. Just like that, the new layout appears!

The issue is that Twitch is still serving 10% of users the old channel page for whatever reason. Clearing your cookies gives you a 90% chance of getting the new channel page.

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