New to Nightbot

Like the title says, im super new to nightbot, and code writing in general so be prepared for some dumb questions.

I trying to set up commands that will pull a url from a website so currently the command shows

!counters The current counters for this raid can be found here (full length url thats copy and pasted)

What I want to know is how, if i can, make it so the word “here” is selectable in the string to take people to the link?

I don’t believe twitch supports special formatting of links. So sadly this is not possible.

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Yup, Twitch doesn’t support hyperlinks in chat, so this can’t be done, sorry.

So the best and only way is to just copy and paste links? Just want to make sure I’m understanding that 100%.

Well if the problem is link length I would suggest a link shortener. Probably or something if that’s the goal.

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