New to Nightbot, is this just counting?

Why won’t it print the text outside of eval and why won’t it execute the if statement? It just keeps counting… Sorry I am new. Thanks for any help!

!commands add !test21 You have $(eval -a=!test22 $(query);if((-a=!test22 $(query))>4){-a=!commands edit !test22 \-c=0;}) hours left

!commands add !test22 $(count)

You can only set one alias to a command ther eval isn’t even actually reading the -a also you don’t have qoutes around the text you want output.
This should work for what I presume you want:

!addcom !test21 -a=!editcom !test22 \-c=$(eval Number.parseInt($(1))>4?`0`:`$(1)`)

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