Nested commands?

I was wondering if it is possible in custom commands to make one command which runs a set of commands together in a batch, for instance, if I want to change my stream to show I’m on Borderlands 2, I’d like one command which runs the following outputs:
Text chat: Updating game to: Borderlands 2
Commands: !game Borderlands 2 !title Variety Goon Stream - Now starring: Borderlands 2

I’ve attempted just putting both commands in aliases but the window doesn’t allow enough characters for a full change of game and title, Do I need to make some kind of multi-layered command to run two shortcut commands?

EDIT: Also my titles won’t fit into the alias box on their own.


An aliased command is only able to pass input to one other command. It’s not possible to run multiple commands through one single custom command.

Aw, damn, thanks for the info. I wonder if that’s something that could be put in feature requests, or is the idea of launching that a little too complicated?

Batch commands will probably never be a feature, since rate limits make it hard for Nightbot to bulk write into chats.

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