Need help with vibe command

Need a bit of help with the vibe command,
$(eval a=Math.floor(Math.random()*10+1);@$(user)'s Vibes Are ${a}/10. $(user) Has ${a>=6?Passed:Failed} the Vibe Check.)

I am wanting to add parts in that look If it is a=1 it does a !1 command that i will set and if a=10 it does a !10 command.

I have tried a few things and cant seem to get it to work

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Hey @blazeskyline!

If I understand properly, you want — in case a is equal to 1 or 10 — the !vibe command to call another command, either !1 or !10 respectively, have I got that right?
This isn’t possible, unless both !1 and !10 are kinda close, then we can do a bit of trickery, but I can’t confirm that unless you tell me what those commands are supposed to do.

Doesn’t matter to much on the command, if !10 and !1 are not good, it can be !THV for 10 and !LLV for 1

That doesn’t change anything, still not possible, Nightbot can only call a second command after the first one, which will replace the output of the first command, it’s called an alias; you can’t have either a command or another, that’s why I’m asking you what !1/!thv and !10/!llv are supposed to do, because maybe we can combine them together.

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Ahh sorry I miss read.

What I am wanting them to do is to send a message saying “WOW 10/10” and play a sound through triggerfire and if 1 “Come on you can do better” with a different sound

I’m not sure how Triggerfyre works, however here’s how I’d write such command:

!addcom !vibe -a=_vibe $(eval r = Math.floor(Math.random() * 10) + 1; encodeURI(`$(user)'s Vibes Are ${r}%2F10. $(user) Has ${r > 5 ? 'Passed' : 'Failed'} the Vibe Check. ${r === 1 ? '/Come on you can do better' : r === 10 ? '/WOW 10%2F10': ' '}`);)

!addcom _vibe $(urlfetch$(query)?i=5000&d=0)

Above are the two commands to add, according to the way I wrote the code they’re meant to be added through the chat, if you want to add them through the dashboard see the following topic.

In the command’s outputs, I had to replace the slashes / with %2F as per the encoding reference because the API we’re using in the second command cuts messages depending on them.

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