Need help with triggerable phrases and variable

So I work with an eSports team and one of our players / streamers (who plays on a mobile team) that gets alot of chat requests to add the viewers (that are typically very young kids) to their friend lists. This has been a meme on the channel for the amount of users that asks for “add me”.

So basically Im creating a meme command that triggers when ever someone says the phrase “add me” or “addme” and the output Will be:

HeLlO sTrEaMeR, cAn U aDd Me PlS 2 uR cLaN?!?! mY nAmE iS XxX__ $(user) 18925474__XxX aNd mY Kd is (I want to add a variable here to spits out a random number between 0.01 & 1.05). I’m ThInKiNg Of QuItiNg sKoOl To Go PrO iN eSpOrTs!!!

Basically I need help with the random number variable in the above command and for nightbot to be able to spit out the command whenever someone says “add me”. The command isnt triggering because Nightbot doesnt like spaces so it only triggers on “addme”


Since Nightbot commands can only be a single phrase having add me would be challenging. As for random numbers there are plenty of resources such as this: Random number generator but not random

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