Need help with the !uptime command

I’ve been trying to setup the !uptime command and I’ve been to the nightbot docs and used the command but it keeps telling me unknown twitch channel

The command should have $(channel)… You shouldn’t be replacing it with your channel name. A simple copy/paste is all that’s required.

Copy and past of my channel link or my display name


Copy and paste this command:

!commands add !uptime Stream uptime: $(twitch $(channel) "{{uptimeLength}}")

Ok that’s my bad where it said channel I thought it was supposed to be my channel

Thank you I got it and by any chance do you know how to set up auto dj

It’s using the $(channel) variable to get your channel name. Seems to be easier than people manually editing commands to replace little parts.

What parts of AutoDJ? Most of AutoDJ is already described in the docs site.

I read the AutoDj stuff but I couldn’t figure out how to set it up/use it to where my chat can request songs and stuff

They can request songs in chat through the !songs command.

How do I set up the songs command

The !songs command is a default command, make sure it’s enabled here.
Then your viewers can !songs request id/link as described in the docs.

I believe I’ve figured it out but here’s a question I don’t have a pc and I’m setting all this up on my phone which is where I have my chat pulled up while I’m streaming if I’m playing music through the dj can I stay on my chat or do I need to have the music pulled up

The phone browser has to be running to play the music, so you can’t read the chat at the same time, unless your phone can have 2 apps open at the same time.

Is it just the browser that has to be opened because if that’s the case I can just have my stream opens through the browser instead of the app

If you switch tabs in your browser your music will stop playing.

Oh well that kinda sucks rip thanks for the help

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