Need Help with random Number Bot

Hey Guys,

as the title refers, i need help with a small Bot thats puts out a Random Number between 1-8000 when typing !mymmr in the Twitchchat.
Im not really into programming but since i did the Nightbot stuff for my streamer he wants me to do this aswell. I heard its not a big thing to do so if smb got 10mins… PLZ ;/

Any help appreciated!!

It is planned to add a $(rand) variable to custom commands, but it is not possible at this time without using the $(customapi) variable. Since you are not familiar with programming, I cannot guide you on creating an plaintext output that Nightbot can ingest with its $(customapi) variable. You might be able to ask for this in Useful Custom APIs

I gotchu @scre3m.

!addcom !mymmr $(customapi$(1)&end=$(2))

!mymmr will show a random number between 1-8000 now.
You can also do custom range for example: !mymmr 10 20, this will return a random number between 10 and 20.