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I really want to make a command, maybe someone can help me better understand so I can make them myself. I want a command that will give me a random number from an assortment of predetermined numbers. Something like

Giawiigi: !Length
Nightbot: Giawiigi has run 13 yards!

The 13 yards is the part that I want interchangeable. Any/all help is appreciated!

Try using a Custom API that others have posted on the forum like `

Here is a custom thing that will fit what your looking for. Change the numbers in defstart= and &defend= to anything you want.

!commands add !length Giawiigi has run $(customapi yards!


Is there a way to make it say the name of whoever announced the command?

Replace Giawiigi in the above command example with $(user)

I love you. What is the fastest way to contact you? I may be asking you a LOT more questions like this <3

The forum is the best way to ask a question of this nature.

Hi there, I’ve been looking for something like this and I love it! thing is I want my generator to be in the range of 100-1000 problem is that it is generating numbers below 100… can this be fixed? Bare in mind I’m using this code in a timer so when there is a flurry of active chatters in my chat I’ve set up a reward timer as follows - CONGRATULATIONS VIEWERS! For being awesome you have all received $(customapi currency name!

There needs to be an “&” sign before ‘defstart’ in the URL if the lowest number is anything higher than 1.

So the link for picking numbers between 100-1000 will look like this:

There does NOT need to be an “&” sign before ‘defstart’ in the URL

Would output a number between -100 to 100. :joy:

If you need to change the range of numbers just change the defstart= (Definite Start) number and the defend= (Definite End) number.

Thank you for the swift reply. I’ll try it out when I get home to confirm the results.

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