Need help with nightbot want to know if this is possible

i wanted to know if there was a way to make a command where what you typed nightbot repeated it in chat but only when you use the command like, nightbot repeats what you type after the command name > example !help @(person’s name)(what you want to respond to them with) then nightbot responds with @(person’s name you typed)(what you typed)

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Greetings @sinkiniser31! :hugs:

I’m confused of what you want to achieve but $(query) does it all for you.

Here’s an example:

!addcom !repeat -cd=5 $(query)

So “!repeat I love ice cream” would make Nightbot say:

I love ice cream

I hope I helped. :smile:

that’s almost exactly what i was looking for but is there a way that if i @ somebody and then type nightbot whisper’s them?

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Nightbot isn’t allowed to use the Twitch whisper system so this is impossible.

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