Need help with Nightbot Commands and Filters in Discord

I’m completely confused with the Nightbot filters in Discord. I set up a sample blacklist for the word ‘crap’ by typing ‘!filters blacklist enable crap*’ without the apostrophes, and after I could still type ‘crap’ and words that started with crap. I tried it with several other unpleasant four-letter words and still nothing happened. What am I doing wrong? Can someone explain it and explain the filter commands?

You cannot add words to the blacklist via the nightbot commands. It has to be through the spam protection section of the nightbot panel.

!filters x enable/disable just turns the filter x on or off. You can’t add words via it.

Thanks. Now how do I access the spam filter and add words to it? Sorry, I’m new to nightbot and didn’t really understand the manual.

Just go to and you can click “options” to modify the specific settings of spam filters. In the case of blacklisted words this allows you to access the blacklist and with links you can access the whitelist.

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