Need help with making a command to add people to a list

Hi, I’m trying to create a command that if used by a viewer will add their name to a list with a max slot of 5. Also, if possible to add or remove people. Or, alternatively, the ability to open/close the list as this command will be used to let people sign up at xx time in order to sign up for a boss run in a game. Also, I’ve noticed you cant reduce the cooldown of commands below 5 seconds, is there a way I can make the cooldown for this command to 0?

If anyone has any guidance to the resources I’d need to create something like this itd be of great help.

Hiya, you can have a look at my queue system: [CustomAPI] Queue system
There is no limit of X users, but you can close the queue when 5 have entered.

For your other question, the minimum cooldown is 5 seconds, this can’t be changed.

Cool. I’ll check it out after work, sounds like itd work for what I need.

As for the cooldown, if my viewers all do !join after I !open theyd have to wait 5 seconds after each other right?

Correct, nightbot will ignore commands in-between the cool down. However, users will be tagged in the response if they successfully joined, so if they don’t see it, they should try again later.

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