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Need help with a nightbot command

Can someone help me with the nightbot commands to show the current elo?

i have replace the steam_id with mine and the leaderboard_id with 17 but i doesnt work…it says player not found

I presume it’s because those axample commands may be older and dont seem to have a game option in the link thought I’m not entirely certain. I can only recommend trying to contact the person/people who made it or if there a support discord or something but I don’t really know.

See how it has a game= in the link?

i have fix it, but i have another problem, how do i formulate a frase with this response?

Depends what data you want exactly I presume the leaderboard info.

$(eval data=$(urlfetch json link);LD=data.leaderboard[0];`Wins: ${LD.wins} Losses: ${LD.losses}`)

check the post i made a few days ago “connecting nightbot to aoe4 leaderboards” at the bottom is the command you need

and ye the other commands for the match info and current map etc arent available yet